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DC Drives;

Frequency converters;


Electrical devices repair service

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Service list

Electrical cabinets design with CAD tools;

Electrical cabinets assembly;

Field installations;

Electrical cabinets and installations

System dimensioning: Gearboxes, motors and power drives;

Programming and set-up for servodrives and CNC tools;


PLCs programming;

Fieldbus distributed systems (Profibus, CAN, Modbus and DeviceNet);

Custom control systems.

PLC programming

Cuadro de texto: Operator terminals and SCADA programming;
OPC Systems.

HMI & SCADA systems

Electrical and mechanical drawings;

Technical Manuals;

Technical documents translations to/from Catalan, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Technical office works

Phone: (+34) 93 716 00 04

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