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We solve your drive. We are Motion Control specialists.

We dimension the whole drive drive: motors, gearboxes and power drives. We deliver, build and comission the whole drive set.

In special systems, we also include the control system programming: CNC, PLC or servoPLC.

We also check, modify and/or repair mechatronic systems, either ourselves or from third parties.

We have our own test bench in order to develope and debug drive applications.

· Winder/Unwinder applications: pulling strength control, dancer or diameter real-time calculation;

· Feeding systems;

· Interpolated axis for CNC systems;

· Positioners for handling systems in Cartesian or cylindrical coordinates (palletising, painting, assembly lines and so on);

· Flying shears for pipe cutting;

· Cross cutters for paper and corrugated;

· Register control for printing applications;

· Robots;

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Phone: (+34) 93 716 00 04

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